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FRC Launch and Recovery System


This section contains the innovative Launch and Recovery System, what has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch company of TBV Marine Systems.  

The innovative Fast Response Craft (FRC) stern Launch and Recovery System (L.A.R.S.), is capable of launching FRCs of more than ten meters and weighing over eight tons. This procedure can be executed successfully in a sea state up to SS4, a 5 Beaufort wind speed and waves up to 2.25 meters. The patented system makes use of a double frame, placed on the slipway of the vessel. The frames consist of a main frame with a buckling unit and a landing frame. The landing frame lowers into the water and buckles horizontally; now the FRC hooks itself into the landing frame, using the specially designed catch hook. At this point, the landing frame will straighten back into the main frame, while the mainframe simultaneously pulls back into the vessel's slipway. The movement of both frames is powered by one cylinder.

The system consists of:
Main frame
Landing frame
Buckling unit
Innovative towing cable system powered by one cylinder
Synchronisation cables
Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
Electronic main control box
Deck Control Panels
Specially designed catch hook to be assembled on the FRC
Protective fenders and blocks assembled onto the landing frame
Hydraulic powered stern doors

October 2015

Global Davit GmbH Presents FRC Launch & Recovery System

By MarEx (/author/MarEx) 2015-10-06 16:41:46

The worldwide operating company of Global Davit GmbH, located in Germany, a wellknown name within the Survival and
Deck Equipment market, carries decades of experience within the global industrial shipping market. Therefore, the company is aware of the rapid changes within the environment they operate in.

In order to diversify their product portfolio, and with this keep ahead of the competition, the company of Global Davit decided to
collaborate with the Dutch company TBV Marine Systems, part of Hightech Solutions & Design B.V. This company is in the process
of developing, manufacturing and implementing of stern Launch and Recovery Systems (L.A.R.S.) which can launch and recover the bigger Fast Rescue Crafts (FRCs). This system can be used in higher Sea States, so in waves up to 2.25 meters.

Taking a closer look at the global trend in FRC launch and recovery, with a focus on coast guards using these types of systems, you
see that the FRCs are getting bigger, that the demand for quick launch and recovery procedures increases and that coast guards
strive to be more operational in heavier weather conditions. The innovative and patented L.A.R.S. system is developed to cover all of these demands.

The production, installation and implementation processes for this system is already in progress for China Customs and the Kuwait

This all implies that with their collaboration with TBV Marine Systems, Global Davit manages to find a way to adopt a new system
into their portfolio, and with this, open the doors of a new market segment within the global shipping market.

The Maritme Executive (06/10/2015)
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